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The Walt Disney Company: Be Part of the Story

Be Part of the Story

Paint / Prep Artist (all levels)

申請 稍後繼續申請 Job ID 10035938 職位地點 Mumbai, 印度 有意工作的公司 Industrial Light & Magic 張貼日期 2023/03/22


*We are hiring at all levels for this discipline*

Ensure you include an updated Showreel with your application.

Primarily works as an artist to support the delivery of shows that are to be delivered in the Paint/Prep department at Industrial Light & Magic Mumbai (MBI). Works with the creative leadership team and the production team maintaining strict adherence to timelines.

What You’ll Do

  • Handle complex shots with heavy motion blur, lots of layers, etc.
  • Use a combination of techniques when dealing with tricky wire removals and clean plates
  • Demonstrate a strong eye for color and grain structures with the ability to match saturation, hues and black points from multiple sources to create a cohesive final montage
  • Demonstrate a keen eye for recognizing paint artifacts, sharpness and color issues
  • Use layout and DM cameras in Nuke
  • Export track points between multiple toolsets
  • Comfortable working in Silhouette for Rotoscoping

What We’re Looking For

  • Professional experience with Silhouette ( Roto and Sequence Paint experience), Nuke, and Mocha
  • Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Drawing, Animation or equivalent artistic background and education required
  • Minimum 3 years’ production experience in computer graphics, animation or video
  • Ability to write Nuke gizmos and/or plugins is a plus
  • Must have an understanding of how their work fits into the pipeline and its effect on upstream and downstream departments
  • Must have a willingness to learn new tools, a proven ability to be detail-oriented, and problem solving skills
  • Adaptability and willingness to work under tight deadlines and to work efficiently within a production environment
  • Able to break shots down into individual components with little supervision
  • Demonstrates excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Easily assimilates feedback given by supervisors
  • Research appropriate references including continuity with like shots. Proactively communicates this information to team
  • Takes ownership and responsibility of shot. Proactively offers options and finds own solutions for production problems
  • Actively works across departments in shot groups. Provides updates to production and other artists on shot progress
  • Nice to have:
  • Python and/or C++ experience a plus
  • Computer proficiency including UNIX operating system; the ability to learn software and adapt scripts
  • Working knowledge of stereo compositing pipeline


關於 Industrial Light & Magic:

ILM 由 George Lucas 於 1975 年創立,擁有世界領先的設施,服務電影、商業製作和吸引力產業。ILM 已為 325 多個拍攝影片創造了視覺效果,並在有史以來全球票房前 10 名中的 7 部中發揮了重要作用,並在前 50 名中參與了 25 部。ILM 設定了視覺效果的標準,在電影歷史上打造一些極有魅力的角色。公司為數碼革命的前沿,繼續在視覺效果、VR、AR以及沉浸式影院中開辟新天地。

關於 The Walt Disney Company:

The Walt Disney Company 連同其子公司和聯營公司,是領先的多元化國際家庭娛樂和媒體企業,業務遍及以下範疇:Disney Entertainment、ESPN、Disney Parks 及 Experiences and Products。Disney 在 1920 年代的起步之初,只是一間卡通工作室,至今已成為娛樂界的翹楚,並昂然堅守傳承,繼續為家庭中每位成員創造世界一流的故事與體驗。Disney 的故事、人物與體驗傳遍世界每個角落,深入人心。我們在 40 多個國家/地區營運業務,僱員及演藝人員攜手協力,創造全球和當地人們都珍愛的娛樂體驗。

這個職位隸屬於 UTV Software Communications Private Ltd, 其所屬的業務部門是 Industrial Light & Magic

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