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Vice President, Labor Relations

申請 稍後繼續申請 職位編號 764835BR 職位地點 伯班克, 加利福尼亚州, 美国; 洛杉磯, 加利福尼亚州, 美国 有意工作的公司 Walt Disney Television 張貼日期 2020/08/19


Walt Disney Television (WDT) is seeking an experienced labor relations executive to join its Labor Relations Department in Burbank and Los Angeles, CA. Primary responsibilities will include negotiating and administering collective bargaining agreements covering television or new media production in the United States and Canada, providing advice to production and distribution units, which include Fox, ABC and Disney companies, representing the company in meetings at the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, on industry boards and trust funds, supervising other Labor Relations staff, and handling of grievances, arbitrations and administrative agency matters. This position requires a passion for labor relations work, a high degree of collegiality and strong interpersonal skills, an ability to develop constructive relationships with colleagues at other studios and networks and with representatives of guilds and unions, while pursuing the company’s objectives. This position requires daily interaction with production, business affairs, finance, legal, HR and other company executives as well as union and guild executives and business agents.


  • Prepare for, plan, negotiate and implement collective bargaining agreement terms, policies, agreements, and procedures
  • Advise production, finance, business and legal affairs and company executives on the application of collective bargain agreements, devising and recommending problem solving solutions
  • Represent the company in multi-employer negotiations
  • Advise management on union population employee, employee relations, and performance related issues, problems, discipline, etc.
  • Guide management and HR on disciplinary and/or employee grievance issues within the union population
  • Participation in mediations, arbitrations and related meetings on behalf of company
  • Serve as a liaison and point of contact with unions
  • Ensures the company is complying with union and guild agreements
  • Develop and maintain constructive relationships with union representatives while advocating for the company
  • Supervise other Labor Relations staff
  • Remain current on labor and employment law developments and television industry trends


  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in labor law / labor relations
  • Ability to work in a multi-tasking, fast paced environment
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


  • 10+ years’ experience in labor law / labor relations
  • Entertainment industry experience strongly preferred
  • Licensed Attorney in State of CA or Registered in-House Counsel


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Preferred Education:

JD from an accredited law school

關於 Walt Disney Television:

Walt Disney Television (WDT) 重新定義媒體和娛樂的未來。提供令人信服的創意、精彩的說故事、突破性技術,高影響力的營銷以及創新發行,WDT 提供多個機會以建立支持娛樂和通報世界的事業生涯。作為 The Walt Disney Company 的關鍵部門,WDT 是世界上最受推崇的垂直整合媒體企業之一,包括全球全球直播和動畫娛樂、新聞、民營電視台和電台 如果您熱切期待加入我們的優秀專業人士團隊,我們希望聽到您的故事。

關於 The Walt Disney Company:

華特迪士尼公司,以及其附屬公司及隸屬機構,是頂尖多元化國際家庭娛樂及媒體企業,業務遍及以下範疇:媒體網絡、樂園及度假區、影城娛樂、消費產品與互動媒體。迪士尼在 1920 年代起步之初,只是一間卡通工作室,發展至今已成為娛樂界的翹楚。迪士尼昂然堅守傳承,繼續為家庭中每位成員創造世界一流的故事及體驗;其故事、人物和體驗於世界各地均家傳戶曉。我們在 40 多個國家地區營運業務,僱員及演藝人員攜手協力,創造全球和當地都珍愛的娛樂體驗。

這個職位隸屬於 ABC, Inc., 其所屬的業務部門是 Walt Disney Television

ABC, Inc. 是機會均等的僱主。申請人將獲考慮聘僱,而不分種族、膚色、宗教、性別、國籍、性取向、性別身份、殘疾或受保護退伍軍人身分。Disney 培養商業文化,所有人的想法和決策都有助我們發展、創新、創造最好的故事,並與瞬息萬變的世界息息相關。

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