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Sr. Illustrator

申請 稍後繼續申請 Job ID 795699BR 職位地點 伯班克, 加利福尼亚州, 美國 有意工作的公司 Marvel Studios 張貼日期 2021/06/15


Marvel Studios Visual Development Artists compose a small team of illustrators and designers that focus on delivering high quality concept art for the heroes, villains and key moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They work closely with a project lead to understand the visual needs of the filmmakers and create highly detailed character design images and keyframes that help define the look of each film. Each artist is tasked with developing a series of character design images centered around a unique art direction and will be required to adjust the visuals based on feedback from the Directors and Producers. Additionally, artists will create dramatic and dynamic keyframe illustrations to visualize important story moments from the film.

This is an IATSE Local 800 position covered by a collective bargaining agreement.


  • 5-7 years of live action film/games/animation experience as a concept artist.
  • Master level competence of Photoshop, with a focus on painting.
  • Z-brush/Keyshot/Cinema 4D experience a plus.
  • Great at brainstorming, taking direction, collaborating and being part of a team.
  • Interest/passion for Marvel superheroes.
  • Experience telling stories through dynamic and dramatic keyframe illustrations.
  • Experience communicating storytelling/blue sky ideas through image sequences, rough sketches, or 3d models.
  • Experience developing highly realistic character designs with very focused art directions. Ability to explore multiple art directions.
  • Ability to solve problems creatively in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to develop ideas through sketches, take feedback, and take the sketches to a high level of finish.
  • Portfolio review will be part of the interview.


Please note, this is an is an IATSE Local 800 position covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

關於 Marvel Studios:

Marvel Studios 創造了最強大的品牌之一,透過令人難以置信的人物如 Iron Man、Thor、Black Panther 以及Captain America 等向世界講述令人難忘而又改變人生看法的故事。The Marvel Cinematic Universe 多電影特許經營已重新定義了構建充滿創造力、創新與協作的宇宙流派。在 Marvel Studios,您將成為團隊一員,以我們的故事一樣深遠的願景幫助我們將傳統推向未來。

關於 The Walt Disney Company:

華特迪士尼公司,以及其附屬公司及隸屬機構,是頂尖多元化國際家庭娛樂及媒體企業,業務遍及以下範疇:媒體網絡、樂園及度假區、影城娛樂、消費產品與互動媒體。迪士尼在 1920 年代起步之初,只是一間卡通工作室,發展至今已成為娛樂界的翹楚。迪士尼昂然堅守傳承,繼續為家庭中每位成員創造世界一流的故事及體驗;其故事、人物和體驗於世界各地均家傳戶曉。我們在 40 多個國家地區營運業務,僱員及演藝人員攜手協力,創造全球和當地都珍愛的娛樂體驗。

這個職位隸屬於 Marvel Film Productions LLC, 其所屬的業務部門是 Marvel Studios

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