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Senior Software Engineer

申請 稍後繼續申請 職位編號 776438BR 職位地點 纽约, 纽约州, 美国 有意工作的公司 Disney Streaming Services 張貼日期 2021/04/12


Disney Streaming Services is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join the Activation team. Disney Streaming Services is a best-in-class media streaming technology company powering several of the largest streaming properties in the world, such as Disney+ and ESPN+, and is paving the way for next-generation media and sport technologies. If you enjoy streaming media, are interested in live video and entertainment, or just want to join a fast-growing team that plays an integral part of the revenue-producing arm of a company, then our team is for you.
The Activation team builds and maintains critical infrastructure responsible for supporting Disney streaming media subscriptions, including Disney+, ESPN+, and more to come. Our services allow users to seamlessly access Disney content when making a purchase via their devices. We are an agile team, always open to experimentation, as well as the growth and learning that comes from both success and failure. Joining our team means you'll have the opportunity to work with world-class engineers on exciting new products and problems, on the fastest-growing streaming service of all time, alongside a team that is quickly growing into an exciting new domain. Technologies include Scala, Play, and AWS. Experience in these is preferred, but not required. If you're open to learning new things, or excited to expand your skill set in these areas, you'll fit right in.
The Activation team is committed to both engineering excellence and personal well-being. Some things you can look forward to as a member of the Activation team:
• Co-workers who are committed to finding the right tools for the job, while leaving their ego at the door
• Focus on never disappointing the customer, even when things go wrong
• High value placed on code quality and understanding the true requirements
• A fanatical drive to build systems so resilient that we never get woken up in the middle of the night
This position can be either in-person (eventually) at one of our offices, or remote. The Activation team has members across the US and takes a remote-forward approach to our day-to-day to ensure we have the best people for the job, no matter where they are located.
We truly believe we offer a unique opportunity for any technologist:
• The opportunity to work on a bleeding-edge technology stack.
• The opportunity to work with a world-class team of Software Engineers.
• The opportunity to work on award-winning and complex apps and systems.
• The opportunity to have an influence on the innovation of products used globally by tens of millions of people.
• The opportunity to work in a highly collaborative team environment.
• Amazing perks and benefits


• Craft software for backend systems using Scala, Akka, Play, Golang, AWS, and more.
• Work with a team of engineers building software in a collaborative development process.
• Participate in the full lifecycle of software development (requirements gathering, designing, building, testing, and maintenance).


• You have experience as a leader on your team (formal or informal) and are comfortable both being a strong independent contributor and supporting your teammates.
• You have strong backend experience with Scala, Java, or Kotlin.
• You have an excellent understanding of software development fundamentals, and you aren't dogmatic about technology choices.
• You preferably have experience with AWS services (ECS, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lambda, etc.) or other cloud providers.
• You have practical knowledge of relational and/or NoSQL DBs, and RESTful web service development.
• You are comfortable building automated testing at different levels (unit, integration, functional) and building resilient applications that handle failure gracefully.
• You have strong design principles (object-oriented or functional).

關於 Disney Streaming Services:

迪士尼串流服務負責開發和營運華特迪士尼公司直接面向消費者的全球視頻業務,包括ESPN+優質體育串流服務、即將推出的迪士尼訂閱視頻服務,以及直接面向消費者視頻串流產品和解決方案的全球領導者BAMTECH Media。我們的核心使命是隨時隨地透過任何已連接的裝置,讓全球觀眾自由獲取資訊。我們提供一流的直接面向消費者視頻服務,為全球觀眾展示舉世歡迎的角色、永恆故事、傳奇運動員和震撼的體育賽事。我們每天致力憑藉創新技術及想像力挑戰傳統,讓消費者隨時隨地透過任何已連接的裝置自由獲取資訊。

關於 The Walt Disney Company:

華特迪士尼公司,以及其附屬公司及隸屬機構,是頂尖多元化國際家庭娛樂及媒體企業,業務遍及以下範疇:媒體網絡、樂園及度假區、影城娛樂、消費產品與互動媒體。迪士尼在 1920 年代起步之初,只是一間卡通工作室,發展至今已成為娛樂界的翹楚。迪士尼昂然堅守傳承,繼續為家庭中每位成員創造世界一流的故事及體驗;其故事、人物和體驗於世界各地均家傳戶曉。我們在 40 多個國家地區營運業務,僱員及演藝人員攜手協力,創造全球和當地都珍愛的娛樂體驗。

這個職位隸屬於 Disney Streaming Technology LLC, 其所屬的業務部門是 Disney Streaming Services

Disney Streaming Technology LLC 是機會均等的僱主。申請人將獲考慮聘僱,而不分種族、膚色、宗教、性別、國籍、性取向、性別身份、殘疾或受保護退伍軍人身分。Disney 培養商業文化,所有人的想法和決策都有助我們發展、創新、創造最好的故事,並與瞬息萬變的世界息息相關。

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