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Manager, Music Licensing

申請 稍後繼續申請 Job ID 800033BR 職位地點 伯班克, 加利福尼亚州, 美國 有意工作的公司 The Walt Disney Studios 張貼日期 2021/09/20


We are seeking a manager to join the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production Music Business Affairs and Legal Counsel team. Our team is comprised of music attorneys, paralegals and administrators responsible for music-related business and legal affairs for The Walt Disney Studios. Our projects include music-related matters and talent deals in connection with theatrical and direct-to-consumer releases from all of The Walt Disney Studios’ various studio stakeholders including Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, as well as projects and productions for Disney+, Hulu, Disney Character Voices International, and Walt Disney Theatrical Productions and Marketing.


Responsible for reviewing, drafting, negotiating and approving all agreements and licenses relating to the use of pre-existing musical compositions and recordings in feature films/direct-to-consumer releases and promotional/marketing materials in all media throughout the world; making payments for those uses to all licensors; and updating and negotiating language to establish boilerplates with all licensors (music publishers, record labels, music libraries and studios). Work closely with the music clearance staff and act as a liaison between them, our attorneys and our outside licensors for the rights they've requested and ensure a timely follow-up. Draft, negotiate and review short “work for hire” music agreements and amendments.


  • Minimum 3-5 years of significant relevant music industry experience. Experience with a major studio, music publisher or record company reviewing, drafting and negotiating music licenses, cue sheets and other music documents for all manner of exploitation is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to work efficiently and effectively in a team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, take initiative and maintain attention to detail while maintaining professionalism under pressure.
  • Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to manage and follow through on numerous projects.
  • Ability to work in an environment with a high degree of confidentiality and discretion.
  • Capable of managing changing priorities and deadline pressure during heavy work periods that may require late hours.
  • Fast learner and a strong attention to details and accuracy.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and other office-related software.


  • BA or BS degree



關於 The Walt Disney Studios:

超過 95 年來,The Walt Disney Studios 一直是 The Walt Disney Company 建立的基石。時至今日,其將優質電影、情節故事、音樂及舞台劇獻給世界各地的消費者。The Walt Disney Studios 坐擁一系列備受尊崇的電影工作室,包括 Disney、Walt Disney Animation Studios、Pixar Animation Studios、Marvel Studios、Lucasfilm、20th Century Studios 及 Searchlight Pictures。旗下亦設有世界級舞台表演製作商 Disney Theatrical Productions。

關於 The Walt Disney Company:

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這個職位隸屬於 Walt Disney Pictures, 其所屬的業務部門是 The Walt Disney Studios

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