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Associate Integration Producer I

申請 稍後繼續申請 Job ID 10094163 職位地點 布里斯托尔, 康乃狄克州, 美國 有意工作的公司 ESPN 張貼日期 2024/07/10


Content Integration is a multi-faceted group within the Studio Wraps department. We are responsible for managing the program content on 16 domestic, international and digital networks, focusing specifically on live show-to-show transitions and delivering the best content to the ESPN viewer at all times. We are the voice of the viewer and the center of communication inside ESPN.


Determines on-air content and necessary adjustments, ensuring all shows, commercials, promotions and updates air according ESPN’s editorial brand strategy and departmental guidelines.  

Develops a solid understanding of ESPN’s brand strategy for individual sports as well as specific sport rules utilizing available resources on a daily basis. Understands the “story of the day” for each event on assigned networks.  

Anticipates, plans and ensures accuracy of content for all Program, Viewer and Weather Alerts.  

Begins to assist Integration Producer with breaking news and other programming interruptions.  

Prepares daily reports for each specific network, documenting decisions affecting scheduled programming/ content for department-wide distribution.  

Identifies opportunities for programming adjustments by reviewing jip shows and standby for alternate in-cues/ outcues.  

Begins to possess a solid understanding and maintains a positive relationship with other departments that work closely with Content Integration.  

Attends specific sport or project meetings when assigned by department management, providing input from a Content Integration perspective and follow-up.  

Performs “shift specific” and other duties as assigned by department management. 

Basic Qualifications:

Solid overall knowledge of sports

Preferred Qualifications:

Has worked in a live production environment 

Experience working with multiple units to deliver a product 

Understanding of International sports as well as US based events 

Minimum three years television production experience 

Required Education:

Bachelor’s Degree in Communications or related field of study 

關於 ESPN:

在 ESPN 工作與其他地方不同。這是因為我們總是尋找新的方式與粉絲互動,無論他們是在甚麼地方、以何種方式接觸體育。我們每天都在做沒有人做的事情,這一切都是在一種充滿活力的文化中,不斷地堅持不懈,並且不斷地超越自我。當您的團隊擁有最新的技術、突破傳統的想法和世界級的人才時,每一天都是非同尋常的。

關於 The Walt Disney Company:

Walt Disney Company 連同其子公司和聯營公司,是領先的多元化國際家庭娛樂和媒體企業,其業務主要涉及三個範疇:Disney Entertainment、ESPN 及 Disney Experiences。Disney 在 1920 年代的起步之初,只是一間卡通工作室,至今已成為娛樂界的翹楚,並昂然堅守傳承,繼續為家庭中每位成員創造世界一流的故事與體驗。Disney 的故事、人物與體驗傳遍世界每個角落,深入人心。我們在 40 多個國家/地區營運業務,僱員及演藝人員攜手協力,創造全球和當地人們都珍愛的娛樂體驗。

這個職位隸屬於 ESPN Productions, Inc, 其所屬的業務部門是 ESPN

ESPN Productions, Inc 是提供平等機會的僱主。申請人將獲考慮聘僱,而不分種族、膚色、宗教、性別、國籍、性取向、性別身份、殘疾或受保護退伍軍人身分。Disney 提倡讓所有人的想法和決策都有助我們發展、創新、創造最好故事的商業環境,並與瞬息萬變的世界息息相關。

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